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"Art is what you can get away with." 
-Andy Warhol

Cathy Riggs, Gwenn Spratt, Nancy Robinson, and Pamela McCauley

Cathy, Gwenn, Nancy  and Pam are all members of the Martinez Gallery.  In this show "art is what you can get away with" we all tried to push the boundaries out on our work and reach for new ways to express ourselves.  Not one of us is limited to a certain media, we are willing to try new things to achieve the images we want.  Oil, pastels, watercolor, collage, and acrylics - none are safe from us.  We are simply sisters united in the constant search for better forms of expression.

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A message to artists
Thank you for your interest in the aRt Cottage. If you wish to submit your work for exhibit the following Terms and Conditions apply:
  • There is an entry fee is $10 per item. Artists may submit up to 5 items. Fees will be collected during Intake.
  • A 40% commission will be charged on all sales. Sales will be handled by the aRt Cottage and purchased items will be immediately available to the customer.
  • All entries must be labeled with the artists name and the title of the work.
  • ALL paintings must be framed and securely wired for hanging using D-rings or other suitable hanging hardware. Sawtooth hangers are not permitted. Glazing may be glass or acrylic.
  • The aRt Cottage reserves the right to reproduce copies of the submitted artworks for the purposes of promotion and on the aRt Cottage website.
  • Artist should bring an appetizer to the Reception. aRt Cottage will provide plates, glasses and utensils.
Thanks again for your interest.

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