Past Shows

Bill Richards is a self-taught artist.  He has never had a professional art class in his life.  His paintings consist of life-like portraits and figures, both nude and draped.  He also is very proficient in painting animals and landscapes.  Every hair and every wrinkle can be seen in his amazing realistic portraits.  His medium of choice is oil and he paints on birch.  His work is on exhibit from coast to coast, and now at the aRt Cottage as well.

Sandra Artru (in the Red Room Gallery)
Sandra Artru has been painting since 1997. She first learned techniques in a portrait class in a private setting in Brentwood. There were 13 women present for an 8 hr session for 5 days. After that  experience, other classes and workshops were more of the same - private and in a small setting. Her first school experience with paint was in high school.

 Form and Function

Our Natural World
Diablo Valley Camera Club Photography Exhibition

 Mark Jezierny and Students



Africa: Two Views (May 2 - 31, 2012)


Gary Bergren's Proteges

For the month of April, aRt Cottage had the opportunity of exhibiting the work of Gary Bergren, a well know western painter and instructor in the Bay Area.  20 of Mr. Bergren’s students have their work showing at the newest gallery in Concord, CA.  The show had over 150 visitors at the reception. 

 On the Wall

These wonderful paintings were done for a show called ON THE WALL at the newly opened aRt Cottage.  The purpose of the cottage is to have a place where artists can gather and share their work and ideas.  Fourteen artists were invited to create works of art and paint them directly on the walls of the Cottage, knowing that they would be painted over at the end of the show and become a part of the history of aRt Cottage.